Unmanned Precision has a heavy maintenance facility based in South Maclean, Queensland.

We can perform repairs on platforms, modify and repair structural carbon components, run diagnostics on avionics and conduct regularly scheduled maintenance.

Unmanned Precision can also compile and carry out a maintenance plan to ensure components are regularly looked at and changed prior to failure and help ensure companies meet the highest industry standards of maintenance to protect their assets.  


Unmanned Precision specialises in the Pixhawk / CUAV and Ardupilot ecosystems. Pixhawk is one of the most widely used architectures outside of DJI.

We can run diagnostics, initial configurations, log diagnosis of flights and sub component integration such as LiDAR, Gimbals, GPS and Long Range Telemetry such as the RFD900X.

We can help you get the most out of your custom application.

Test Flying and Tuning

Unmanned Precision has access to our own 100 acre testing facility including a full sized runway. We can accommodate small or large drones wishing to test and tune their aircraft.

We can consult and provide tuning advice on large multirotor and other unmanned vehicles.

We also sub-lease our facility to companies wishing to conduct their own testing but lack the facilities.